Saturday, September 15, 2012

What is Steam Punk?

In a few weeks I have to do a Steam Punk card. I have seen Tim Holtz' stuff, and I love it all, but when it comes right down to, I don't get I looked it up!

According to G. D. Falksen, on his site, Keys on the Typewriter, Steam Punk can be defined in three words: Victorian Science Fiction.  Great! That brings to mind that old movie, The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. I love that movie! I am not a reader, so even though I realize it was a book first, I don't care...the movie is what I remember. 

Falksen goes on to say...People looking for fashion ideas, character inspirations or scenes to describe can find a wealth of starting points in the countless vintage photographs and film reels left over from the 19th century. 

Now I get it!  Think Victorian Era, and then let your imagination go wild!  You know, create something, only use things from that era to make it. Gears are the most recognizable item when it comes to SP...and if you are in the stamping world, you know you've seen them, among other things.

Now making my card will be interesting and fun. However, first things first. I need to make my card kits for the upcoming Shoe Box Round Table that I am attending in a couple of weeks...

Stay tuned for my Steam Punk card in the meantime check out the site,  


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