Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finally Got Me Some Flourishes Stamps!

I have been in denial.
I love to color...I always have. When I was a kid I was the one who had to shade every coloring book picture, starting with outlining.  Sometimes I would just outline.

Then, I took some painting classes as an adult, and became the granny who can really color!

I used to sell stamping and scrapbooking supplies for a company who sells lots of colorful ink pads. Naturally I had EVERY color, and the markers and paper and cardstock to match. I STILL have a lot of cs and b&t paper (have you figured out which company I was a consultant for yet?), but the ink pads, stamps and markers are long gone ( some were left behind, some were donated to our stamping group here where I live).

It's very interesting when you are free to use anything from any company. On one hand, you are excited to experiment and SHOP...on the other hand, you are so entrenched in your old ways, that you tend to be a bit least that is what has been my thorn-in-the-flesh.


I was so used to using all those ink pads and solid image stamps, that the thought of purchasing stamps I had to color in was something I refused to give into.  I searched online for solid stamp images, and even found one on a site from the old company I represented...a small set of an apple, cherries and a peach. (what company is that?) I haven't even used it!

The other day, I decided to check out I LOVE their stamps. I bought 2 sets, and now I color...and am loving it. I don't know why I fought against coloring for so long, since I have been doing it since I was a kid. I purchased some Prismacolor markers a couple of years ago, and haven't used them much...just to color in bulletin board art for my Preschool class in 2009.

Here is my first card made with Flourishes and Prismacolor markers:

You can view the scanned image of this and all my cards in my gallery at Splitcoast Stampers
I used ribbon from that old company, and some new Martha Stewart punches I got on QVC.
I love to distress, so most of my cards don't get far without some sponging or sanding!

I am working on another card...I am using my Prismacolor markers, but yesterday I ordered some Prismacolor Pencils...not watercolor pencils. Just the soft premier pencils. They will work together with the markers, or alone.

Here is my next card so far...

I added the dot details with the fine tip on the Prismacolor markers...what fun! Now I need to pick out paper to make the image pop. As I work, the layout will become clear to me, as well as the embellishments.
I'll be back soon with the results...enjoy stamping, and if you like, create along with me!

It's been several days, and here is the card I made with this art...

Would love to see yours!

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