Friday, March 16, 2012

A Beautiful Renovation

Moving, even across the road, is a job.  Add to it completely re-doing the house, inside and out, and you have a HUGE undertaking! If it wasn't for my wonderful husband George, the whole house would still be in boxes.

So here we go...this is the kitchen before: wallpaper, vinyl flooring, broken drawers, and white, stained countertops.

 Here's the kitchen cabinets, which I actually painted myself (one of my few contributions) using Waterbourne paint. Very scrubbable and a beautiful finish.
 This is the kitchen finished with the hardware and appliances, new pecan flooring and an island on wheels I purchased in a little second-hand shop. I love the pulls on the drawers.

 This is a view of the kitchen sink area, with the old flooring and the yukky spilled-on walls in the pantry. The window had a little counter sticking out into the dining room.

Here's the finished kitchen...I have a black sink! New counters we put in ourselves, and there's that island again. George took out the little counter in the window and replaced it with a sill of marble.



  1. I love this kitchen! The black sink is amazing. Love you!

  2. Thanks Beck! Glad you found me! I am about to post more...
    Love you, too!


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